queenie wu is a designer, cartographer, artist, & researcher. equipped with good questions and bad posture, she's always open to collaborating on projects that value simplicity, complexity, and anarchy.


charting sidewalks wide enough to yap on CARTOGRAPHY third friend city

opening an online box for people's digital trash and treasure MICROSITE Internet Stoop

exploring spatial memory through collective mapping WORKSHOP NYC School of Data

commemorating objects i've loved and let go of PRINTMAKING Work in Progress


intersecting art, technology, and cartography INCUBATOR MEMBER NEW INC

distracting insomniacs worldwide MICROSITE zzz.baby

collecting ideas for when we have more time MICROSITE an extra hour


crafting a more flexible shopping experience PRODUCT DESIGN Aritzia

designing tools for equitable participatory urban planning ENGINEERING FieldNotes


visualizing balance in natural ecosystems EXPERIMENTAL ART Independent

transforming the future of early talent job search RESEARCH & DESIGN Handshake

mapping the stories of tears shed on campus CARTOGRAPHY Waterworks


setting best practices for customer data privacy in ecommerce PRODUCT DESIGN Shopify

uncovering the ingredients of students' career confidence RESEARCH Handshake


defining a data visualizaion framework for investigative mapping DATA VIS Palantir

blending history, dance, and immersive theatre BRANDING Rebis Immersive

building relationships between tech and philanthropy LEADERSHIP Blueprint


growing a supportive student design community MENTORSHIP UW/UX

empowering enterprises to automate their business RESEARCH & DESIGN Shopify